Healing and well-being through the positive use of vibration phenomena

„All that we are, or believe to be, is in fact vibration or energy.
If energy can’t vibrate naturally, it causes uneasiness and health problems.
Let us use all energy available in order to positively influence the vibration composition
within ourselves as well as for our environment.”

(Chris Amrhein)

Free Tibet!

Thanks to all Spirits for my Live, my Love and this Song!

Download the Song : Spirit of Tibet mp3 (9,26 MB)

Lyrics as PDF : Spirit of Tibet PDF

Info Franz Loibner : http://www.sounds4tibet.com/


Overtones for Tibet 1583 m above sea level on Mount Predigtstuhl, Bad Reichenhall, Germany:

singing for tibet

Hit a singing bowl on top of a hill or mountain close to you on May, 31th 2008 at 11 o'clock Greenwich time (12 o'clock middle European summer time) 21 times:

playing boals for tibet

We sing "Spirit of Tibet" first time:

singing free tibet first time together

The Angles are with us! :

angel on the mountain

Paul and Chris:

chris and paul

That´s it:

that´s it

Pictures from Recca Arya (thank´s for this!)


Dalai Lama and Chris Amrhein 2002 in München

Dalai Lama und Chris Amrhein 2002 in München


What monks and shamans have known for years is converting, in this new era of quantum physics and subtle energies, into a fundamental chance to enrich life and support individual healing processes. I have been working with vibration and healing for more than 20 years. What intrigues me most about this work is the fact that everyone who is ready can use these tools for the well-being of all others. Unfortunately, very few people practice it.

This course is meant to fill this gap for the first time. It consists of nine modules and is designed for energy and vibration trainers. In the years to come, I will offer several modules which can be attended individually. After each module the participants will obtain a certificate.

During this training, I intend to pass on my knowledge. At the same time, I am a student as well learning which way is best for you, because only you know it. In my opinion, everyone should take advantage of the modules that are interesting for his/her own course called ‘life’ and should then turn the acquired knowledge into his/her new distinctive way of life.

Overtone Singing & Power Voice / Rhythm & Drum / Dolphin Sounds & Underwater Music

join the sound meditations in the salt mine  /  feel the spiritual energy of places  /  experience the energy of brine


Module 1
Overtone Singing and Healing as well as Intuitive Work with Voices
on Mount Predigtstuhl

The fife basic forms of healing
1. Voice as mirror – When I listen to your voice I hear how you are doing. When your voice changes I know you feel different. We will learn how to assess our own and other people’s voices and how to influence them positively. Through the spectral analysis of sound, you will be able to unveil changes and learn how to interpret such images.
2. Healing with your own voice – Every human being can work with his voice in his own body. Natural vibrations help to release blockages and protect against negative vibrations. You will get to know and practice various techniques which are easy to pass on to others. 
3. Overtone and undertone singing – is a core element of my work.
4. Singing in groups – When we sing together, we create the most powerful kind of singing to others. You will be taught the necessary spiritual hygiene and energy work in order to be able to connect various vibration levels.
5. Individual work, scanning and singing – We will use our voice as tensor to determine the state of vibration of the person treated. If we detect blockages during the scanning process, we can utilize our voice as vibration transformer to clear blockages with our power voice.
Venue: 1583 m above sea level in Mount Predigtstuhl Hotel, Bad Reichenhall, Germany
Internet: www.predigtstuhl-bahn.de


Module 2
Word and Sound – Working with the Power of our Thoughts (mind)
in the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden

Gudula Blau, Chris Amrhein and Paul Freh invite you to an intensive night with sound journeys, songs, tales, energy work and meditation as well as some quiet periods. We won’t sleep that night but will use the time to energetically clean and renew us. For a long time, you will remember these 14 hours at this wonderful Bavarian place with its spiritual energy as an experience of regeneration and composure. After this fantastic night, we will enjoy a great breakfast together. 
Venue: Salzheilstollen Berchtesgaden, Bergwerkstrasse 85a, D-83471 Berchtesgaden
Internet: www.salzheilstollen.com, Phone: +43 / (0)8652 - 979535


Module 3
Dolphin Sounds – Singing, Moving and Healing in Brine

During pregnancy a child is surrounded by salty liquid and the same saline solution flows through our veins. Singing together in brine makes us believe that nothing exists between us; we seem to be a huge resonating body. The greatest healing power on this planet lies within the voice of dolphins; they are capable of examining and altering matter and energy fields through their voice and hearing organ. In the year of the dolphin, we will experience the joy of weightlessly moving in 35°C warm brine singing together and to each other underwater. We will learn how to use our voice and move in water (e.g. floating). Food, swimming pool, sauna, and accommodation in groups included.
Venue: Höglerhof Brandhofen 4, D-83367 Petting / Waginger See
Internet: www.hoeglerhof.net, Phone: +43 / (0)8686 - 9843 70

Module 4
The Rhythm of Life (Rhythmic Work with Drums and Singing)

Our heart is the core instrument when it comes to rhythm because it tends to adapt to the beat. We connect our hearts when we sing or play instruments together. I got to know very effective ways of synchronizing groups as well as working with rhythm. How do we deal with rhythms of life and the Industrial Age and how can we influence them? Working with rhythm is the power that keeps our life moving; it can lead to very meditative states.
Venue: According to the weather we will meet either outdoors, in caves or seminar centres. For detailed information please visit my website: www.chrisamrhein.com

Module 5
Pure Overtone Singing, Undertone Singing and Power Voice
Everyone who wants to learn the art and technique of overtone singing is welcome to join my intensive seminars. I offer courses throughout Europe.
Further details on my website: www.chrisamrhein.com


Module 6
Individual Training for all Topics of my Course
In intensive personal training you have the opportunity to focus and work on specific topics individually. Venue according to our agreement.

Module 7
Sound Journeys – Super Cinema Innermedia – Journey into Yourself

Sound journeys caught my attention ten years ago. In 1996, I started with a group called Klangerleben in the salt mine in Berchtesgaden where the most intensive music and sound experience I know takes place. At the same time, the sounds harmonize and invite you on an extraordinary journey into your own fantasy world. Thus, participants often come to vital conclusions. This module is designed for groups and individuals who want to invite on sound journeys themselves. Besides, it is also possible for you to assist in the salt mine.

Module 8
The Vibration of Violence
Violence has become a predominant topic in our life. It has a typical vibration which surely every one of us has experienced himself. After 15 years of working with children, young people and grown-ups in violence prevention, I have learned how to get to the source of such vibrations. Many exercises and techniques for various aspects of violence shall help to understand these vibrations.


Module 9
„Power to the Children“ – Play-Shop for All
This module is designed for all children and youthful people as well as for all grown-ups who already live in tune with their inner child or who, perhaps, are still searching for it.


The love for music and the vibration phenomena of sound has always accompanied me. I believe that the secret of music and healing lies within natural tones, also called overtones. After completing my studies of music and dance pedagogic at the university Mozarteum in Salzburg, I worked as a university assistant there. In 2002, I decided to start as freelance artist, overtone singer and teacher. I arrange concerts, workshops, and offer individual courses and seminars on various aspects of music and dance, adventure and media pedagogic as well as violence prevention.